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Our Services

Hydro Seeding

Hydroseeding is a process where seed, fertiliser and bio degradable mulch is mixed with water and sprayed onto the prepared lawn area. It is suitable for both domestic lawns and larger commercial areas, as well as embankments to help control erosion. The advantage of this method of lawn sowing is that the mulch provides moisture and protection to enhance germination. It can also help to inhibit weed growth, giving the new grass a bit longer to establish. Lawntech has specialised custom built equipment to apply our hydroseed mix safely and effectively. 

Instant Lawn

Instant lawn comes in one square metre rolls and is layed out onto a prepared lawn area. The seed used for growing instant lawn is a high quality Rye, Fescue and Brown Top blend, best suited to the Bay’s climate. Once the rolls are layed, we will have transformed your lawn area into a lush green lawn within hours. 

The advantage of instant lawn is that you have instant results without the hassle of attempting to grow your own lawn. Also instant lawn is already established and will inhibit weed growth for longer that other methods of lawn sowing. 

Conventional Seeding

With this method of establishing a lawn, Lawntech will prepare the lawn area in the same way as other methods of lawn sowing. Then the seed mix is spun onto the soil then raked and rolled using the tractor mounted equipment. This is the conventional way of sowing a lawn and is the cheapest option. 

We use mostly Dwarf Rye and Fescue blend but can offer other varieties to suit individual needs. All our seed is high quality and with good performance ensuring an excellent strike rate. 

Irrigation Systems

We recommend irrigation systems be installed into lawn and garden areas for optimum lawn results. We will custom design and install an irrigation system that will suit your individual requirements. These are designed to give complete and even coverage to all lawn and garden areas, ensuring no areas are missed. 

Manual systems are activated by taps which are turned on or off as needed by owner. 

Automatic systems are programmed to suit the seasons and can also be set to irrigate your lawns while you are away on holiday. These will turn on and off automatically, following a time schedule that has been programmed into the timer. Some timers even have rain sensors which will turn the timer off during rain and then it will automatically restart when the rain has cleared. 

Once your irrigation system is installed, it remains discreetly out of sight until turned on. When activated, the sprinklers will pop up out of your lawn and garden and will then disappear below ground level again when turned off. 

Lawntech uses all good quality components made of long lasting plastics. 

Rotary Hoeing / Levelling and Contouring

Lawntech has revolutionary levelling and contouring equipment attached to a small tractor. This takes all the back breaking hard work out of trying to get your lawn level. 

Our tractor mounted rotary hoe prepares the lawn area by aerating and breaking up hard ground.